9th Limb Yoga Shala is rooted in the traditional aspects of yoga , bringing Mysore style Ashtanga,  Sivananda,  yoga therapy ,  Hatha ,  Vinyasa and Meditation  to Morro Bay , Ca . Sharing the teachings of yoga and building community are important to us! We believe yoga is for everyone !

The principles of the 8 Limbs of yoga of Patanjali : 1) Yamas- self restraint 2) Niyamas- observances 3) Asana-physical postures  4)Pranayama-breathing practices 5) Pratyahara -with drawl of the senses 6) Dharana-intense focus 7) Dhyana- meditation  8)Samadhi-oneness/bliss

9th limb – Action , Community, Service and Love 



Drop In

10 class card  $120
20 class card $200

Monthly unlimited $125

Donation Based Classes (suggested donation $10)