Khristine Jones

Khristine is the co-owner of 9th Limb Yoga, she is so excited to bring the traditional aspects of the practices to Morro Bay. Her and her Husband moved to the Central Coast 3 years ago from San Francisco where she had been teaching for 7 years. Khristine found yoga as a way of self care in 2006, She had been a social worker and was feeling burnt out. the profound incites and awareness gave her tools for life off the mat and shifted how she could serve different communities. Yoga gives her a way to take care of her self physically , mentally and spiritually and to find deeper connection

In 2010 she Started Yoga Punx a donation based program in the bay area, to bring yoga to folks who would normally not seek it out. Today Yoga Punx has grown internationally. In 2011  Khristine started making trips to Mysore India to study with Sharath Jois at the Ashtanga Institute and in 2015 was authorized to teach the Ashtanga Method.  The practice of yoga has transformed her life, and she teaches from that place. She also believes in being a student first and paying omige to her teachers who have transmitted the beautiful teaching to her. Thank you Sharath Jois, Devorah Sacks, Stephanie Snyder and Steve Dwelly

200 hour Vinyasa with Stephanie Snyder, Authorized level 1 KPJAYI with Sharath Jois Mysore India

Seanna Tracy

Certified Sivananda Yoga Instructor (200 hours),

I was an active tumbler and gymnast in my youth and later, found I enjoyed stretching out before my soccer practice rather than the actual game. Perhaps this is what brings me to yoga as well, and what I bring to my class; the quiet discipline of a regular practice, acceptance of all capabilities, discovering one’s inner strengths, gentle assistance to practitioners of all levels, forgetting one’s past failures, living fully in the present, and always, practice in bearing the heart of a spiritual voyager.  Yoga for me is a wordless prayer, a regular companion, involving and healing the entire body, both spiritual and physical.



Bhava Das –  co-owner

Maria Elsea-

E-RYT 200, YACEP, Master Instructor
Maria fell in love with yoga in 2002 and took her first
yoga teacher training in 2003. She takes a non-dogmatic
approach that is based in both science and tradition. She
loves to teach an eclectic mix of Vinyasa Flow Yoga
(flowing breath with movement), static and alignment-based
postures, and surrendered stretching. Maria’s fifteen-year
background as a Massage Therapist specializing in injury
care and prevention has fostered a focus on the subtle
nuances of proper alignment and bio-mechanics. This has
helped her to develop specific communication techniques to
help others manifest these alignment principles “into”
their bodies. Beyond the physical aspects of asana
practice, Maria believes that yoga is an excellent
facilitator of connecting to one’s inner life. She focuses
much of her teaching on the dynamic dance between
discipline and play, while staying within the boundaries of
rigidity and recklessness. In her classes students have
abounding permission to come as they are, and grow past
their self-imposed barriers.
Maria holds both an E-RYT 200 and a YACEP designation from
Yoga Alliance, and has taught thousands of hours of yoga.
She has had many teachers, both sung and unsung, including:
Brook Boon, Jason Crandell, Seane Korn, Tymi Howard,
Stephanie Adams, Katie Pearson, Kathryne Budig, and Ena
Sorenson. Her 200 hour teacher training was completed
through Yogafit International, and her 300 hour Master
Instructor training with Holy Yoga Global. In addition to
her yoga credentials, Maria holds a Bachelors of Arts in
music from California Polytechnic State University, San
Luis Obispo, is a California State Certified Massage
Therapist (CAMTC), a Certified Health Coach through the
Institute for Integrative Nutrition, an ACE Certified
Personal Trainer, and a grateful wife and mother of two.
Since selling her San Luis Obispo based wellness center in
2014, she spends her time enjoying life with her family and
friends, practicing massage therapy part-time, reading, and
teaching yoga.

Mashelle Owens-

After many years playing mini tours as a professional golfer and suffering from multiple repetitive injuries, I stopped playing golf and instead practiced yoga. Yoga provided me the chance to heal and revive my body and mind in a calm, non-competitive environment.

Through my yoga practice and teaching, I have experienced vulnerability, self-love, and a willingness to let go of judgment, learning and mentoring to live fully in the present. Conscious breath (pranayama), alignment, and movement are indispensable tools on the journey towards self-awareness, understanding, and acceptance. My teaching style is playful, infused with a sense of curiosity essential for self-discovery, and yet delivered in a safe manner. Specialties include: Hatha, Restorative, Sunrise and Gentle Yoga.
Certified Yoga Teacher – Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200
Licensed Massage Practitioner

Pam Pahati

The methodological discipline her teachers instill into her personal practice greatly influence her teaching style. the importance of alignment and stability, and syncing the breath with body movement is underlined in all her classes.
she’s so super grateful for her teachers and intends to be a lifetime student of this practice; always learning, constantly striving to improve herself. her mission is to inspire others to realize their full potential; encouraging them to take their newfound confidence and clarity off the mat and into everyday life. 

Natalie Teichmann

Natalie Teichmann recently moved from Los Angeles to Morro Bay and she is beyond excited to share the ancient technology of Kundalini yoga with you!  Her Kundalini training with Guru Singh puts her at over 1,000 hours of yoga teacher training. Although she practices and teaches other forms of yoga such as hatha and vinyasa, her heart lies with Kundalini yoga for the transformation it brings to our consciousness and spirit. She invites you to come experience it for yourself. 

Dawn Feuerberg is a meditation guide, a Spanish professor, a mother, a surfer, a yoga practitioner and an international tour operator.  She has studied mindfulness meditation, goddess energy meditation, non-dual tantra meditation & shamanic rituals for the past decade.  She has completed several teacher trainings with Mark Coleman of Spirit Rock and the highly regarded teacher of spiritual tantra philosophy, Sally Kempton.